About Qualico Properties

Since 1951, Qualico has grown from a small residential developer to one of the largest privately held development companies in western Canada.

As part of Qualico, a fully-integrated real estate company with over seven decades of experience, we work alongside experts in community building, home and multifamily builders, and manufacturers of building materials. Together, we’re able to create properties that make the city a better place to live.

Through it all, we prioritize the people who use our spaces, whether they’re relying on us for a home, a place to do business or an environment where they can collaborate in an office setting. We consider their aspirations and strive to improve their overall experiences. Through the lenses of development (what we build), leasing (who we invite into our properties), and property management (how we support our tenants and residents) we work alongside the rest of Qualico to build a better city: one that facilitates connections and brings people together.

Let’s Build a Better City

At Qualico Properties we’re on a mission to build a better city. We do that by collaborating with other city builders to develop human-centric spaces that stimulate connections between people, businesses, and services while adapting to the needs of tomorrow.

Why? Because we believe that a city filled with buildings, businesses, and people that inspire us to connect, and that bring us all closer together, is the best place to be. For our residential portfolio, that means remaining focused on the residents that bring our properties to life.

A Talented Team

Our properties and our residents are cared for by a talented team of property managers and real estate professionals. Under our regional model we have experts in every city we have developments. But, we also share best practices across regions to ensure our residents enjoy the best experience possible. Our team is committed to the tenant experience, creating an environment of comfort and calm where residents can focus on building the connections and camaraderie that makes city life enjoyable.