December 21, 2022

Rancho Winnipeg’s Residential Property Management Division Joins the Qualico Properties Brand

By Elijah Stauth

Qualico's entire income producing portfolio now exists under the unified Qualico Properties brand.

Over the past 18 months, Qualico's business units responsible for developing, leasing, and managing income-producing properties have transitioned to a unified operation under the Qualico Properties brand.

The rebranding process has been ongoing throughout 2022. Today, we're happy to announce that the final piece of that rebrand—the transition of our Winnipeg-based residential rentals property management group "Rancho Realty Services (Manitoba) Ltd" to "Qualico Properties"—is complete.

Qualico Properties' residential rentals property management team will continue to provide tenants with the high level of services they're known for, only now they'll do so under our shared brand.

Rancho's ongoing success

Since 1958, Rancho has managed a growing portfolio of residential properties. Through those decades, the business navigated several economic and cultural shifts in the Winnipeg market. Along the way, the team has become experts in maximizing value for their tenants.

Rancho's work in Winnipeg has been vital to its local portfolio's success and growth. Furthermore, their input and collaboration on projects across our portfolio have increased the quality of other properties we're developing.

Now, as a part of Qualico Properties' brand, we'll be able to clearly communicate our shared objectives across all regions.

Advancing our mission

Qualico Properties' residential portfolio is an essential component of our company's future growth and our ability to fulfill our mission to:

"Collaborate with city builders to develop human-centric spaces that stimulate connections between people, businesses, and services while adapting to the needs of tomorrow."

The commercial properties within our portfolio have always been designed to bring essential services and businesses to areas of the city that need them. 

But, with our residential team working with our commercial developers in the city-building process, we'll be better equipped to adapt to the residents we serve. Ultimately, this moves us closer to achieving Qualico's core purpose of building better cities for everyone who calls them home.

A promising future

Having worked side-by-side with our property management peers throughout 2022, we're proud to finally include the full breadth of our business within the Qualico Properties brand. Their expertise as residential property managers is essential as we continue to develop our cities.

As we grow, we look forward to creating more opportunities for city dwellers across Western Canada to connect with the people, businesses, and services they love.